Augmented data discovery and analytics provider DataStories raises €2.2M

"Understand what really drives KPIs"

DataStories™, the Augmented Data Discovery and Analytics platform for domain experts in R&D, manufacturing and market research, today announced its series A funding. The investment round is led by Dutch based Newion Investments with full participation of the existing seed round investors and the leadership team.

CEO Katya Vladislavleva founded DataStories™ with the mission to put the domain experts central again and assist them in translating experimental and production data into insightful data stories one can immediately act on. The funding will be used to further develop its analytical and data interpretation platform and expand marketing & sales.

DataStories™ wants to change the way corporates innovate and make product design decisions. Today companies seem to have all the data in the world, but not knowing what to do, and not knowing what is even possible. Corporates with even the best analytics tools still struggle to translate the output of these tools to actionable items.

Predictive analytics solutions are only useful when they are understood and internalized by domain experts and decision makers. The DataStories™ analytical platform brings advanced predictive analytics and data interpretation tools directly into the hands of domain experts and decision makers.

The founders have a collective experience of multiple decades in solving design and optimisation problems in an industrial context and see the new area of augmented analytics as one that will offer a great opportunity for companies to redesign the way they do R&D.

Luc De Vos, Chairman of the Board, is very proud of the accomplishments of the team so far, he says: “I have rarely seen a team coming from such diverse backgrounds and nationalities so poised for success by its ability to timely deliver results under the visionary leadership of the founders.”

“DataStories™ is preferred partner of a number of top notch European or global enterprises such as: Atlas Copco™, Dow™, Recticel™, Averis™”, says Katya Vladislavleva. These clients validated our vision and enable DataStories™ to grow from Thought Leader to Product Leader.

“Newion Investments is impressed by the DataStories Platform and its strong leadership team. Based on customer reviews and market studies we strongly believe in the market leadership.“ says Frank Claassen who is joining the board of directors on behalf of Newion Investments.